Physical Therapy Now Available at Integrity Orthopedics

We are exited to offer one-on-one sessions with an experienced therapist focused on your needs to improve function quickly and efficiently. We treat: pain, tendinitis, balance, weakness, RA, tears, & much more! 

Recovering after Total Hip or a Total Knee?  We've got you covered!

Dr. Kristen Classen has 12+ years of experience working in the physical therapy field and 20+ years in personal training. She graduated with her doctorate in physical therapy from UMASS, MA.  

William Classen has 10+ years of experience of physical therapy. He graduated from Mount Washington College, NH with a Physical Therapy degree. Prior to PT, he invested in his health by researching nutrition and becoming a personal trainer. 

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Pain Free Injections

Hip pain and knee pain is commonly treated with various orthopedic shots. Patients often have anxiety about getting the shot. At Integrity Orthopedics, we use local anesthetics to numb the joint prior to intra-articular injection, making it pain free.

Obesity and Osteoarthritis

Severe obesity is associated with increased incidence of osteoarthritis and complications following joint replacement. Unfortunately, 2/3 patients who have severe obesity and arthritis do not perceive their health as compromised. Sounds challenging?

Robotic Knee and Hip Replacement Marketing Myths

Internet is filled with claims about robotic assisted hip and knee arthroplasty, but is it evidence based? Do we have strong data to support increased cost and surgical time to use a robot in every case?
Extension and external rotation stretches to avoid

Hip Precautions

To assure proper recovery and prevent dislocation of the prosthesis, you may be asked to take special precautions when sitting, bending, or sleeping. These precautions depend on approach (anterior vs posterior). They vary from patient to patient.
Jean-Jacque JJ Throchon

JJ (Jean-Jacque) Throchon

JJ is a friend who faced the deadliest cancer (same cancer that killed my father) and beat the odds without conventional chemo by changing his lifestyle, what he eats, how he eats and supplements. He started a movement in Europe. I hope it catches on!