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Pavel Muradov, MD

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Injections are a highly effective non-surgical way to manage joint pain and stiffness. Renowned fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon Pavel Muradov, MD, is an expert in knee pain, hip pain, and other types of joint pain. At Integrity Orthopedics in Katy, Texas, Dr. Muradov performs all types of injections using advanced ultrasound tech for precise delivery and excellent results. To learn more about this powerful nonoperative pain management solution, call the office or click the scheduling link now.

Injections Q & A

How do injections work?

At Integrity Orthopedics, Dr. Muradov uses advanced ultrasound technology to guide all injections. By using ultrasound guidance, Dr. Muradov can see exactly where you have damaged tissue. Then, he can place your injection with the utmost precision. 

You receive local anesthesia and a mild sedative, so you’re awake but relaxed for the procedure. Injections are an outpatient treatment, and a friend or family member can drive you home as soon as you’re fully alert. 


What are cortisone injections? 

Cortisone injections introduce an anti-inflammatory medication directly into the area of pain. A cortisone injection can dramatically reduce the inflammatory reaction and swelling, which in turn eases your pain. 

Cortisone injections can be a good choice when an injury or chronic pain interrupts your daily routine or prevents you from pursuing physical therapy. This treatment approach can help you function, allowing for proper rehab so you can return to normal.


What are PRP injections?

For platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, Dr. Muradov uses a state-of-the-art preparation method to isolate and concentrate the plasma, the most potent part of your blood. 

The PRP that Dr. Muradov injects into an injured or damaged area releases a huge influx of growth factors — enormously powerful healing agents. These growth factors induce a rapid recovery response while diminishing inflammation and pain, making it a good choice for sports injuries and also for chronic pain such as arthritis.

What are regenerative medicine injections? 

Regenerative medicine injections are an FDA-approved product, PalinGen® InovōFlo®. These injections contain sterilized amniotic fluid from healthy, natural full-term births. Amniotic fluid provides cushioning and protection to babies as they develop. 

Because it's a potent source of anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and regenerative substances, amniotic fluid also offers tremendous benefits to those suffering from injury, arthritis, and chronic pain. This type of injection can help you regenerate damaged tissue while decreasing inflammation and pain. 

What are viscosupplementation injections?

In viscosupplementation injections, Dr. Muradov injects hyaluronic acid, a gel-like fluid that provides cushion and lubrication. Your joints contain natural hyaluronic acid, but over the years it can wear down, preventing your joints from moving smoothly. Hyaluronic acid also helps your joints withstand impact as you stand and walk. 

The synthetic hyaluronic acid, a near duplicate of your natural hyaluronic acid, works in the same way to restore smooth movement in your joints. Viscosupplementation injections are very helpful for knee arthritis if you have stubborn swelling, stiffness, and pain. 

Joint, tendon, and nerve damage can all respond very well to injections, which means you don’t necessarily need surgery. Book your appointment by calling Integrity Orthopedics, or click the scheduling link now.