Hip Precautions

Extension and external rotation stretches to avoid

Patients ask me about hip precautions daily.  Some had their friends dislocate, others had their therapist warn them about certain maneuvers for the first six weeks.   Since most of my total hip replacement (THR) operations are performed via a very stable direct anterior approach, I rarely require strict precautions after surgery.  I allow my patients to sleep on their sides, cross their feet, bend forward the day after surgery.   Certain stretches such as morning sunrise stretch, extending leg behind you or outward rotation of the leg (external rotation) are not recommended the first 6 weeks after surgery, as these maneuvers are used to dislocate your hip during surgery.  That being said, in 5 years of practice, I have not seen any dislocations after an elective total hip arthroplasty performed through a direct anterior approach. 

Pavel Muradov Orthopedic Surgeon

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Jean-Jacque JJ Throchon

JJ (Jean-Jacque) Throchon

JJ is a friend who faced the deadliest cancer (same cancer that killed my father) and beat the odds without conventional chemo by changing his lifestyle, what he eats, how he eats and supplements. He started a movement in Europe. I hope it catches on!